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  • At Purpink we are all about buyer protection and selling original, quality, and most of all authentic products, if its got a brand name then its from the brand.

    With us you wont get the G.K's and the B&G's otherwise C.K and D&G.


    Off-late its alarming the number of sites as well as pages that have popped up selling fake or unbranded watches all in the name of authentic timepieces. So we took the time to actually let you know how to determine if the watch your buying is the real deal. we are gonna go over a few markers that should be able to easily point out if the watch your buying is genuine.


    All original watches manufactured by licensed manufacturers have single and unique product codesthese product codes mostly consist of a mixture of numbers and letters e.g VR0101J30Y or MTP-1095Q-AD,

    When you Google the product code and check images you should see the same watch appearing on the images from different resellers or manufactures.


    Recently i received an order for a rolex and the customer wanted to pay ksh1500, well the cheapest Rolex costs about $8000 dollars and so on, so if your watch costs less than an 1/8 of the manufacturers price its so obvious its a fake, below is a short list of the most faked and duplicated watches as well as their real and genuine pricing if you were to buy from the manufacturer.


    1. Rolex   ksh 602,000 and above


    2. Breitling Ksh 350,000


    3. Hublot   Ksh 700,000


    4. Rado    Ksh 80,000


    5. Montblanc   ksh 400,000


    6. Calvin klein ksh 18,000


    7. Ice Watch ksh 4000


    8. Casio Edifice ksh 10,000


    9. Cartier ksh 500,000


    10. Gucci ksh 100,000


    11. Seiko ksh 14,000


    12. Patek philipe ksh 2,000,000


    13. Dolce and Gabbana ksh 40,000


    14. Bvlgari ksh 100,000


    15. Hugo Bossksh 40,000


    16. Tag heur ksh 120,000


    As you're browsing, thoroughly inspect the watch you wish to buy.

    Pay attention to the inscriptions and engravings on the face and back of the watch. The original watch will never have a smeared inscription or an unclear engraving. Typos and letter substitutions in brand names and inscriptions are also warning signs.


    So "watch out" next time you go watch shopping for these tell tale signs,

    from your trusty watch seller regards


  • A man's wallet should be functional and fashionable. It's an extension of your personality, so think twice before whipping out that ratty, bursting-at-the-seams monstrosity that's held together with rubber bands.

    The bifold and trifold are two common wallet styles for men, and you can fit your essentials in either one without straining its seams. Your lifestyle and preferences will dictate which style is perfect for you.

    Bifold Wallets

    A bifold wallet is rectangular and folds in half. It usually features one long open pocket for currency and several slots -- either vertical or horizontal -- for credit cards, ID cards and receipts. Some styles even have coin purses attached. They are made mostly of leather but can also be made of vegan materials or canvas. Wallets -- regardless of how many folds they have -- usually have no clasps, but sport versions made of canvas are available with hook-and-loop or zipper closures.

    Trifold Wallets

    A trifold wallet is rectangular and features two flaps that fold to the center, each section (two flaps and the center) making up 1/3 of the wallet's length. As with the bifold style, the trifold features one long open pocket for currency and several slots -- in this case, only vertical -- for credit cards, ID cards and receipts; and are made of leather, vegan fabrics or canvas. Trifold wallets are bulkier and heavier than bifolds because they offer more card and cash capacity.


    Thick or Thin

    What wallet you choose is dependent on your lifestyle and personal preferences. Trifolds give you more room but are bulky and heavy. Carrying a trifold in a front pocket not only looks sloppy, but is akin to carrying a hockey puck that will dig into your leg and hip when you sit down. Bifolds offer less capacity but are thinner and can be carried in either the front or back pockets and mold to the wearer's body. If carried in front, they'll likely bend and not cause discomfort while sitting.

    What's In Your Wallet

    Regardless of the type of wallet you choose, some essentials should always be on hand. Always carry cash, even if you have credit cards. A driver’s license or state ID card is sufficient, unless you need a second ID for school or work. Carry only one or two debit or credit cards and a few business cards. Leave everything else at home -- social security cards, passports, coins, receipts and the like.

  • Do you want your mother to have a fantastic and special birthday? Let’s admit it, finding a gift for your mum can be hard work and it never seems to get any easier as time passses. Here are some ideas to make it easier:

    For the mom who gives good advice: You can show your mother that the life she has lived, as well as her current goals and observations, are important to you. Find a diary that suits her style and personality, such as one handcrafted from fine paper or bound in rich leather. Write a note inside the diary, telling your mother that her memories, dreams, and thoughts are part of her legacy.

     Happy Jackson Notebook


    For the mom who loves to shine:Special pieces of jewelry from her daughter make treasured birthday gifts for Mom. Select jewelry that is lovely and delicate and has sentimental meaning, too. A heart-shaped necklace or a bracelet encrusted with both your mother’s birthstone and yours are all great choices.

    For the mom who loves nostalgia:They say a picture paints a thousand words and, likewise, a meaningful piece of art can tell your mother volumes about your love for her. Choose a painting, art print, or sculpture that reminds you of a precious memory of your mother, such as a woman holding a little girl or make it even more personal by giving her a photo album with photographs of the two of you together and other family pictures.

    For the mom who deserves to relax:Whether she works hard and could use a little time to herself, or she is retired and taking it easy, a gift that helps her rest and get rejuvenated will make a perfect gift. Find a throw blanket in colors that complement your mother’s home, and include a note with it, relating memories of all the times she tucked you in at night or made sure you were covered up when you were ill. You could also choose a spa gift basket that will let her make the most of her relaxation time.

    For the mom who could pass for your sister:Moms who have a youthful appearance tend to have an appreciation for fashion and beauty, so indulge your mom in the things she loves most. A new handbag, a bottle of her favorite perfume, or some nice make-up would all be welcome gifts.

    Happy Jackson Lovely Things Bag

    All these products can be found on our page, like us for the best ideas.

  • Ahh, Valentine’s Day. SO he got you your dream handbag and you had nothing to reciprocate? Worry not, you can find an affordable post-valentines gift right here. We have the drill.

    1. Screw Driver Set

    For the man who loves to fix everything around him, this screw Driver Set will prove to be such a great gift. He will love to carry it around, with its Grenade shape. The fact that it can duble up as a key chain will make it that much more impressive! This little creation by Kikkerland, will cost you only Ksh 1500.

    2. Chocolates

    Despite the stereotypes, most guys like chocolate just as much as any woman. Getting your guy a box of chocolates verges on corny, but it will make him smile, and it’s just one of those quintessential Valentine’s Day gifts. There are all sorts of different chocolates that will appeal to a man. The best of course is the liquer chocolates that any guy will die for. The Irish Whiskey Chocolate Truffles consists of Irish Whiskey, Irish Cream Liquer, Irish Coffee and the original Irish spirit, Potcheen. For only Ksh 2000 !

    Dark Chocolate is also a great chocolate choice for a guy. Lindt Ecuador at only Ksh 350 is quite affordable! 

    3. Tie, Cufflinks and Hanky Gift Set

     Ties are often given to men to celebrate their life’s achievements such as acing an exam or landing a dream job. But that’s not the only cause for a tie celebration. Perhaps you just became a father, or you like to express yourself in what you wear, or maybe your style is a tad out-of-date and want to try something new! You can never go wrong by giving someone a tie. The time is always right, especially during the holiday season! And let’s face it, men can never have too many ties.

    4. Something Sentimental

    Be it a mushy Tshirt of the two of you, or a simple mug that he can use everyday, men are not as scared of sentimentality as we presume. Grab him a key chain with your favourite quotes to replace the old aging car key chain he ahs had since he got his last car. Purpink has a selection of well messaged sentimental book of quotes at Ksh 800.

    5. Cake

    Cake is always a welcome suggestion for the guy who loves sugar. Be creative and thoughtful on what cake type to get him, it does not have to be super huge. Trust a slice will do. Oh and by the way, liquer cakes exist too! :-)

    6. A Drink

    Be it a can of Tusker, or his favourite whiskey, you can never go wrong with this. Most whiskeys go for less than Ksh 1800. Facilitate his indulgence and show him you know him by getting him a 6 pack of his favorite brew and a large pizza with his favorite toppings. Cheap? Yup. Appreciated? You bet! It’ll also give you an excuse to hang out on the couch and spend some quality time together. Do the math and see that this is below Ksh 2000.

    Engraved Johnnie Walker Double Black

    7. Gourmet Dipped Valentine Strawberries

    With each bite, that someone special will fall in love with you more and more. Each strawberry is freshly picked and then dipped and topped with festive swizzles and heart sprinkles. A delicious way to say, “I love you. ANd yes it is less than Ksh 2000 for a pack of 4.



    8. Travel Kit

    Yes he will definitely need this. Especially if he travels alot, he will make great use of it. 

    Travel Gift pack & Jack Daniel


    9. Sports Gear

    If he is the sports kinda guy, check what you can get him that will appeal to his daily routine. Be it a new water bottle, T-Shirt, weights or even a new deoderant for after his workouts. Most of these items will not cost you more than Ksh 2000.


    10. Make him dinner

    For our top pick, of course its getting to make him his favorite meal on that day. Keep it simple, yet romantic, and he will love every minute of it. Besides, how much can ingredients cost you anyway? Spare yourself the traffic jam and congested restaurants, for this eerie night with him.

  • But, Gifting needs not to be so tasking, it should be another ‘Aha!’ moment. Personalized gifts are always a hit! Getting a gift that just has a touch to make it ideally superbly unique is not a difficult task, in fact it is one of those few things that one can look at and distinguish it from everyone else’s gift and smile to ourselves and say..”I did not fail” :-)



    So here are a few personalized gifts that you cannot go wrong with.

    1.Engraved Wooden Chopping Board

    These are a practical every day usable items,  a quality bamboo chopping board has the ability to add a personal touch to the cooking experience. A personal message or names of the recipient on the chopping board makes it more unique and a guaranteed keepsake that will keep the memories going.

    Personalised Chopping Board


    2. Engraved crockery and cutlery.

    Most items can be engraved wit something special, be it a date, a name of a place, something or someone or simply a symbol be it a mag, a wine set, glasses, forks,  even pans wile we are at it! So go and  leave a mark on that piece of crockery or cutlery you’ve gotten them.

    Wine Glass Set

     3. Phones, computers and their accessories

    Mouse pads, phone and laptop covers/cases can easily be customized to a person’s preference and are a simple gift with a unique touch.

    4.Special Items

    Sometimes we buy things that are varied depending on whom we are gifting, it could be a chest of drawers, a locker chest, a wine bottle in a wooden casing, a whiskey in a cloth casing, a wallet, a leather keyring.. these items too can also be customized wit a bit of engraving where possible.

    5. Engraved water bottles

    Everyone is going healthy, and here at Purpink, we are making sure you do it in style. We have ensured that every Kor Water bottle you purchase comes with a message. Why not jog the weight off in a classy way?


    6. Watches

    Lets fce it, a watch is one of those timeless gifts that pops into your head more often than it should. You can ensure that you add a twist to it by adding some monogramming to it. This not only makes it stand out, but generally makes it more treasured and memorable.

    Next time you are shopping for a gift, be sure to add the personalised touch to it.



  • Even the most clueless gift-giver probably has a list of all they would love to receive on their big day. Be it a birthday, anniversary or even a wedding (where do you think gift lists came from anyway?) We want to control what we receive, because we are tired of getting the same old white forest cake for our birthdays. Worry not, you are not alone.

    Self-gifting is rapidly gaining traction with most of us. When you order that half kg of cake, even though your body frowns at you, you want to have a moment to appreciate yourself. Why wait for a whole year until your next birthday to spoil yourself rotten? We want to show you when it is okay to get yourself somenthing, and anything on your mind. If you spend so much on everyone else, why not direct some of that to yourself? Okay so here goes;



    These are considered a pat-on-the back for achieving a goal or working hard. It’s like saying, “Well done, me!” You managed to close that business deal, come on hit yourself up with that pair of earrings you have been ogling at all along. You deserve it. And could you remember to order for a card written “congratulations, we did it?”. If anything, this will make you work extra hard for the next big job. :-) 

    Lila Swarovski Necklace (Blue)


    Designed to distract us from an unexpected result or outcome. So, if you missed out on that promotion, you may stop on the way home and buy a good bottle of wine, and drown your sorrows away. There is always going to be a next time, so cheer up, or if not, let the wine do it for you! 

    Gift Wrapped Chocolate



    Unlike personal disappointment (which is a short-term emotion) moods are longer lasting. So, you’ve had a long difficult week at work, your boss constantly on your back, so you say to yourself, “I need a massage and facial”. We feel you. Go ahead, buy that coupon for yourself, dont wait until someone else does, i mean who knows how hard hat week has been on you but yourself?


    In contrast to reducing the effects of a negative mood, some people will maintain a positive mood. We shop when we are happy. “I’ve had a great month of sales, relationship is going well, life is good and I deserve a great dinner out with my friends.”


    Need to get fit in time for your wedding? Well you simply couldn’t do it without a new wardrobe and the latest sports watch collection, right? That’s motivation self-gifting.


    “It’s my birthday, it’s Christmas, It’s a Tuesday I might buy myself a little treat.” That simple…


    Feeling bored? Go shopping. Seeking out that elusive bargain will provide both excitement and pleasure. Start with www.purpinkgifts.com and see how you will feel after an hour (which is the time we take to deliver your gift to you!:-))


  • Eid-ul-Fitr is the time when Muslims send their warm wishes to their dear ones and offer gifts that can brighten their days and bring a smile on their faces. Gifting is one of the important aspects of Eid. After a month of fasting and prayer, you want to get a gift that will be remembered for a long time. So, if you’d like to present Eid gifts to your loved ones, just look through the ideas below, and you’ll find the ideal gift for those who’re close to you.

    1. Eid Gift Baskets

    One of the most interesting ideas for Eid-ul-Fitr gifts is a gift basket that comes with a variety of dry fruits and chocolates. Hazelnuts, dates, almonds, and a special fruit cake with cherries and nuts are some of the delicacies you may include in your Eid gifts basket. Have you tried the Vochelle collection of chocolates from our Purpink? With a collection of all the favorite dried fruits like almonds, hazelnuts and dates covered in milk chocolate, your loved ones will love the gift !

    2. Fruit Baskets

     Another exciting idea for Eid gifts is a basket comprising fruit juices, dates with almonds honey, green olives, and a fruit cake with walnuts. Alternatively, you may go for gift baskets having salted pistachio nuts, dates stuffed with almonds, Turkish halwa, and special cookies known as Mamoul. These delicacies will surely help you offer a delightful treat to your dear ones on the special occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr. Did you know you can customize the your personal fruit basket?

    Fruit Basket

    3. Flowers

    Flowers such as pink roses or colorful carnations which are sure to captivate your loved ones, make for an awesome Eid-ul-Fitr gifts.  You can never go wrong with a combo of gerbera daisies and lilies arranged beautifully in a crystal vase . A basket full of multicolored gerberas is one of the special Eid gifts that will surely be appreciated by your family members and friends. A bunch of red, pink, and white roses can serve as one of the best Eid-ul-Fitr gifts for your loved ones.
    Lovely Flowers
    4. Sweet Tooth Treats
    Since Eid is the time for celebrations,  you can gift your dear ones a box full of sweets which they would love to savor. Some cake and irresistable chocolate will be highly appreciated.
    E.Wedel Pasjonata
    5. Apparel
    Eid is the time when people celebrate by wearing new clothes and gifting apparels to their nearest and dearest ones. Right from traditional chikan kurtas or sherwanis for men and lehengas or shararas for women to trendy clothes for men and women, you have a variety of apparels that can serve as Eid-ul-Fitr gifts. Unsure about the fit? Then get some of our classic silk scarves for her. Elegantly wrapped, these will make an excellent gift.
    6. Jewellery
    A special piece of jewelry is indeed one of the most adorable Eid-ul-Fitr gifts that can be offered to your loved ones. Browse our collection for the perfect gem.

    7. Leather Accesories

    Another great gift idea is to shower your husband with latest leather accessories. These may include a leather wallet, a leather card holder leather slip-ons or even a trendy belt! We have all that in stock, just for the perfect gift.

     Tommy Hilfiger Reversible Belt

     Get the lady leather wallets and handbags for the ocassion.

    8. Eid-ul-Fitr Gifts for Home Décor:

    Eid is the festival when people decorate their homes and celebrate in a grand way. So, one of the best Eid gift ideas is to offerhome décor items that can last beyond the merry season. Rustic candle holders are now the in thing. See what home decor gift items we have in stock.

    9. Bath and Body Splurge

    Oh well, finally, family and friends will appreciate a gift that pampers then in every way possible. Try the cost effective yet glamorous I LOVE UK body products. They make great gifts, and even you will want to get a set for yourself.

    Do you have any more ideas? Let us know below so we can offer an all round set of gifting experience for you this Eid season.

  • What is my favorite edible gift? This is one of the most common questions I get from my friends. Usually, they want a quick tasteful gift for a thank you/ birthday/anytime gifts. I’m kind of a foodie, and rightfully obsessed with food gifts, so i thought i could share my favorites with you.



    You can never go wrong with cookies, unless your friend doesnt like them, in which case you might want to consider unfriending him or her (Kiddin :-) ). I cant seem to get enough of Maryland Choc Chip and Hazelnuts. I love Tivoli Cookies for their  soft, chewy nature. For the die hard fans, send out the cookies in their original packaging, just add a bow to its final look. Else, work with a mason jar for the best presentation. Request for more tips here.

    How often does a whole cake show up at your door or office desk? A cake is an awesome way to say, “Happy birthday, eat your heart out!” I love the baileys cake for its unique flavor (the blue berry cake is awesome, too) and the small cupcakes for those who like their cake in smaller bites, or are dieting.

    Ice Cream.

    Ice cream is usually a tougher (and more expensive) gift to send due to the express shipping costs and the fact that it has to stay cold. But if you’re willing to spend the money and can make sure the receiver will be home, it’s a pretty awesome gift to have show up at your front door. My favorites are blue berry flavor, and the malaga flavour from all those Gelatos Mini trucks outside Uchumi supermarkets (the rum in that flavor is pure bliss).


    Candy and chocolate

    Call it old fashioned or what, but  i simply cant quit chewing on the orange creme sweets from Quality Street. And while the whiskey chocolates are gaining quite a following, i still prefer the Guylian Pralines any day! Add the fact that they are already wrapped and have a card (genius!). Ultimately, chocolate is a quick fix for that forgotten borthday, and still give the thoughtfulness any other gift would, if not more.

    E.Wedel Luxury Chocolate


    Lunch TakeOut

    Yes, i know. I am a foodie, remember? Nothing beats having a hot lunch delivered to your desk with those roses. Yes, and like icecream, it is pretty hard to pull, but dont worry, the Purpink Team wont let you down. Let your friends know what you like, and you never know, it could land on your desk, on your birthday! Beat the jam, and the hunger in one go.

    Fruit Gifts

    Once in a while i am completely convinced that I have to shed off the extra invisible kgs. When that happens(and it happens alot!), I will prefer some fruits to the obvious choices above.


    So, there you go…now go give something delicious to someone you really love, like, or whom you want to love/like you back! 

    And do tell, which is your favorite edible gift?


  • I spent last weekend curled up in my bed watching the seriously embarrasing teen series awkward, and feeling really good about myself. I mean, I didnt make all those stupid mistakes when I was back in high school. However, the more I watched, the more I realised that it’s not only Jenna (the teenager) that was prone to mistakes in her relationships, so were the adults. That made me realize, that whether I like it or not, at one point I will need to apologize for something, and especially to my significant other. Everyone from Bill Clinton to Kobe Bryant can tell you that a good apology can help erase your sins (although in Kobe’s case, a $4 million diamond ring did come in handy).


    “An apology is important because, absent an apology, the relationship may be forever strained, compromised or even terminated. The offended party may withdraw, hold back, seek revenge, or hold a grudge for a lifetime,” says Aaron Lazare, M.D. and author of the book On Apology. Apologizing is one of the most uncomfortable things to do, yet has the magical power to heal a broken relationship. Apologies come in all shapes and sizes. The point is that the personality of the recipient (his/her likes, dislikes, values, personal preferences) and the relationship you with them all have an important affect on the style, presentation and delivery for your gift, as they would for an apology.

    Although every apology should include the same elements, the level of playfulness, formality, or romance you bring to it should be dictated by the recipient, the relationship that you have with them, and the nature of the infraction. (Although I would advise that you take every offense as seriously as the offender would.)

    For a good friend, how about apologizing with a custom CD of songs about friendship, or even a friendship key book of quotes. Or, for the more mature and traditional person whose feelings you may have hurt, why not a box of candy hinting that life is much ‘sweeter’ for you when they are a part of it.

    And for your girlfriend or boyfriend, think about including a romantic poem, quotation, the lyrics from a favorite song, or maybe even some flowers.

    Making an apology more thoughtful by adding things that tailor it to the recipient and the situation is an essential component of all perfect apologies. Sometimes, it takes knowing a person really well to know exactly what will make the apology that more endearing.

    It is important to think of an apology as a process, not as something that will be resolved immediately. The offended party needs time to heal and may need time to respond to the apolog. Always remember that you cannot buy forgiveness. While sending a gift definitely ups your chances of being heard, dont hold it over as a bargaining chip. Gifts are given willingly, not for something in return.

    So, if you mess up, simply follow the above and you shall be practicing the art of apology with ease. Of course, it would be best not to do stupid things in the first place. But if you do, this tip sheet should have you covered. If all else fails, contact the apology masters.



  • 22.03.2017 0


    Posted By abraham abraham

    We were honoured when the CNBC Africa team showed up at our offices hoping to share the Purpink Gifts Story with the world.

    Here, have a look:

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